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McCullum's biggest achievement yet

(This article is with reference to, though not entirely in praise of, the 135-ball-166 that McCullum scored against Ireland on the 1st of July)

Prince Brendan McCullum finally broke through.

He finally made an international one day hundred.

He slapped the mighty Irish team all around some ground.

This was no pushover Ireland team.

They had all their top bowlers in.

Connell, Eaglestone, Styrdom, Botha, McCallan.

And even Kidd.

That’s right, Kidd played, so you know Ireland were taking this seriously.

Prince Brendan has been a very underrated batsman for a while now.

No one has really rated him, or sung his praises.

But now he is an international hundred maker and he will finally get the credit and adulation that comes with that.

Some people have said that Prince Brendan only makes hundreds against weak opposition, I think we can finally put that to bed.
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