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Drop 'em!


On the issue of whom to drop. I think Ganguly by virtue of his 83 in the first innings of the Rest of SA game, when every other batsman but Pathan failed, has earned a place in the side. He has demonstrated a desire to return to the team that is admirable. Whatever your opinions may be about his politics he is a class player and brings plenty of very useful experience to the team. Hopefully his tenure on the outside of Indian cricket has taught him a thing or two about staying away from the politics and letting his bat do the talking.

The two that need to be dropped are Sehwag and Tendulkar. My first choice of batsman to drop would be Sehwag. He just does not seem to learn. How many times is he going to get out flailing outside the off stump without moving his feet? At least Tendulkar seems to be getting out to good balls. That being said I do believe that it is time for Tendulkar to be made aware that his place in the side is not assured based merely on his past record. He needs to get his head straight and perform NOW! A stint on the sidelines will do him good.

About the Muralitharan run-out, I disagree with Jaideep and feel that the game is still a gentleman’s game and there are some things that are just dishonourable and Muralitharan’s run-out was one of them. Cricket should follow the model of life, if we always did things within the rules and never allowed for grace we would lead diminished lives.

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