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Cancer, we need to talk...


Cancer and Sportsmen Malignant, non-malignant, life threatening, curable, non-curable whatever it is. Cancer, time has come when we need to discuss what problems you have with the human race. The textbooks at the primary level of learning told us that consuming cigarette (actively or passively), nicotine & drugs are the key reasons why people fall prey to Cancer. But hey, there are few who do neither of that and you like an entity possessed catch them unawares. The recent favourite or much celebrated theme for you is sportsmen. It is not that you have not got connected with them before. But your recent frequency with them is worrisome.

The list in last year and a half has been massive and never ending it seems for you. First in the list was Yuvraj Singh, India’s Man for all season in the shorter formats. Then, you decided to visit Australia and target Tony Greig, another fine all-rounder of his time and now Channel 9’s famous commentator. If these two were not enough, you went to Australia’s geographical neighbour New Zealand. This time around, you made your way into Martin Crowe’s body. And now, it is Robin Jackman; an ex-England international, now a commentator and a man who made Africa his second home. And yes, before you reached to all of them, you went to South Yorkshire to find Geofrey Boycott. Yes, he is sarcastic in his remarks about the things happening around him. But you made a joke out of him. Why on the earth Cancer, you have to do this to sportsmen and to the people who we endlessly love?

It is not that human race and science have not found a way to treat the individuals and throw cancer out of their life. We along with science are strong enough to do that. But you seem to be too clever and intelligent to spoil it in the first place. There exists a saying, with a weapon in hand, one ought to know how to use it. Mughals had the weapons and so do the Army, but one used to invade and other continue to throw enemy out of their land. If you are so potent, you can be a bit kinder too. Remember, with power (in your case, potency) comes greater responsibility. For Spiderman, power meant safeguarding people. For you though, it is an abrasive use.

Whatever your thoughts are, bad or evil or sometimes, bad but not enough evil, we need to discuss it. We are still nice enough to hear you out patiently. But we surely are reaching to a point where we can’t tolerate you. Yes, we are resolute and we will fight like brave-hearts. Thankfully, we have the will and doctors who are willing to throw you out of our system. But for once and for many, let’s make it clear, what’s your problem with our lives? We are inviting you over the discussion not merely because we are worried. We have grown tired to see you come to some of us. We are initialising a discussion because we want to be stronger without having a need to set up a date with you.

Meanwhile, for our cricketers many of them have emerged stronger. Yuvraj Singh is about to complete his comeback across all the cricket formats. Tony Greig although ill, has made a short appearance at Channel 9 for commentary during the first game of the ongoing Test series between Australia and South Africa. Martin Crowe is amidst a treatment. And he for sure will replicate all the traits of grit and confidence; he showed during his playing days. Robin Jackman, along with the treatment has our best wishes. And if you are ready to look around, Geoffrey Boycott is up and running with his sarcasm again. Still, we need to talk. Sooner the better.

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