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Australia looking to self-destruct


India are taking this tour seriously.

Australia aren't.

Want proof. India has employed Greg Chappell to sabotage Australia's planning for the series.


By being involved in said planning.

The Indian's know what a destructive influence he will be, so they have "sent him back" and then got him a job with the enemy.

Like Australia don’t have enough problems.

Roy is out.

Watson may be in.

Michael Clarke still exists.

Greg may be a feather too far.

Thankfully Bryce is there too even it all out for the Australians.

What is the sudden obsession with Greg Chappell anyway.

Who does he have naked photos of?

Is it you James?

Just let Greg put the photos of you and the german shepherd up on the internet and let him find a real job.

Because, as Australians, we would prefer if the Australian team won this series, and with Greg around, winning never seems that easy.
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