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1976. England vs West Indies at The Oval. England are 81 for 7. And Test Match Special commentary resumes after a break.The redoubtable Brian Johnston has this to relate – “The bowler’s Holding, the batsman’s Willey.”
(from the official Brian Johnston website, a recording of the man himself relating this incident) 
Welcome to holdingwilley. Since nothing can equal the pleasure of playing cricket for the country, we thought we’d add something to the pure vicarious pleasure of discussing it whilst watching it with some likeminded people.
We have brought together cricket fans from all around the world, all keen students of the game, to transfer their enthusiasm and knowledge of the game on each other, and on all those choosing to observe (and even participate in) their interactions. It is quite literally like being in a room full of friends of different nationalities, as they debate, vent, pontificate, illuminate,rant, grunt …whatever the cricket brings out of them.
Hopefully, this will become that unique forum where we’ll get perspectives from all around the world. Not from former test cricketers or cricket journalists, but from followers of the game with no agendas and deadlines, which hopefully will bring in a different dimension to cricket discussion.
And the door has been left open for you …Join any discussion you like with your comments. We only request you to register before you comment, so that we can avoid spam. And if you’d like to be a panelist on holdingwilley, please do get in touch at 

\n holdingwilley@cartwheelcreative.co.inThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
Holdingwilley has been set up by a small company in Mumbai called Cartwheel. This is our website. 

Since many of us at Cartwheel are avid cricket fans, we thought we’d do something close to our hearts, as one of the most exciting cricket seasons in recent years lies in front of us. 

The ICC Champions Trophy is followed by four very exciting test series’ – the Ashes in Australia, India-South Africa in South Africa, Pakistan-West Indies in Pakistan and New Zealand-Sri Lanka in New Zealand. And then of course, we have the ODI World Cup in the West Indies. 

The idea is to use the Internet to bridge the gap between informed cricket fans all around the world, and provide a forum for interesting exchanges. 

We do not have a business proposition to pursue at this stage, and this is purely a no-profit website for now. Hopefully, as we go along, that will change so that we can offer more than just love and fresh air to our contributors. 

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