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Sheffield is back

After ten years, Australia’s first class competition is no longer named after milk (good milk, but milk none the less), it will revert to its original name.

Sheffield Shield.

Which is a relief, because I was sick and tired of kiddies looking at me funny when I talked about shield games.

The trophy was named after the Earl of Sheffield, some wanky royal type, who was a conservative politician whom no one would have ever heard of if not for this donation.

The man died at 77 unmarried, and I’m not saying he is gay, but I’m not, not saying it.

Victoria won the first ever Sheffield Shield.

Matthew Elliot is the only player to have ever won 3 player of the year awards.

The most dismissals by a wicket keeper, Chuck Berry.

The highest score by a state 1107, Victoria.

There are all sorts of great stats there.

In the last 12 seasons every team has won, even the rubbish ones, I’m talking to you South Australia.

I’m very excited by the restoration on the name Sheffield Shield, incase you didn’t pick it.

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