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The story of the second T20I


India reversed their own story from the first T20I, where they gave up a position of control to lose badly. Here, despite being heavily under the weather - Lanka crossed the 50% chance of winning mark in the 4th over, left India with just a 36% chance of winning when they began their chase - India managed to overturn the odds and drew the series.

1st Innings (Sri Lanka batting):


Sangakkara continued his great form with another half century taking Sri Lanka to a commanding position - few teams have lost from a point where they had a 60%+ chance of winning at the halfway mark. India dropped a few easy chances which cost them 16% chance of winning.

2nd Innings (India):


Sehwag's innngs was perhaps more important than that of Yuvraj's, given that he came in when the team was in a terrible position, facing an uphill task. Sehwag brought India to the same point that Gambhir had in the previous game by the 9th over, but the right-hander stayed on to ensure that things were even when the baton was safely passed on to Yuvraj. Sehwag brought the game in balance between the 6th over and 10th over with an increase of 16 percentage points, and Yuvraj converted this platform into a victorious one. The most impactful over of the match was over no. 16, which provided a 30% boost to India's COW and put the match in India's court.

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