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The Joker really is Wild


Pakistan vs South Africa 27/ 10/ 06 

Us West Indians have long placed our team into the same twilight zone category as Pakistan but it would seem that we may only be pretenders to the title of 'Maverick Team' or as any gambler will tell you, the 'Joker in the Pack'.
That a theoretically favoured Pakistan have again stalked out of a tournament in ignominy is nothing new to followers.  That the action has become generational is cause for now urgent debate and I cannot begin to imagine their local newsies tomorrow (or indeed on the TV/ radio shows tonight).

Today we witnessed self-destructive bowling and batting, a rare combo, though I shall allow that SA have made an artform out of inning restorations over the years.

Full props to Boucher and Ntini but it is too painful to go any further into this latest edition by the former World Champions.


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