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H & W Comic Series


Gentleman's game?
Champions who got carried away.

Hard times
Aussies need a reality check!

Mercury rising!
Are the Aussies ready for the rumble?

Was it frustration? Lets find out.

One can never predict about Gayle!

Magic potion
One for the game!

Injury woes
How to prevent injury...the Aussie way!

Forceful behavior
Everybody loses it, when it comes to Income tax!

Gents only
A gentle meeting with the match referee.

Desperate measures
New Zealand in hope of deliverance.

Passion Play
Sometimes we like to see that in sport.

Drip Drip Drip!
Sri Lanka cricket board in damage control mode.

Fast and Furious
A well earned Test.

Huge feet
What's on every Aussie fan's mind?

Shooting from the mouth!

What's the matter?
The difference between being fully fit and performing.

Bird of prey
It can't get worse than this!

Pace no more
What is killing spin bowling in India.

Name game
The different names of Chris Henry Gayle!

Safe to Unmute
Why is it so peaceful at T20 world cup?

When in Rome...
What it feels to be a Saffer.

Entertaining Millions!
What could be our U-19 boys' next big leap?

Unsporting KP
May be KP should try another sport

Shower Power!
It might not be a boon to the game, but certainly not a bane.

Anger Management
There are better ways to win hearts!

Horses for courses
Pune Warriors Or Pune Worrier

Deccan Chargers have atleast something to cheer about

Action Replay
Marlon Samuels bowling action was recently in question

Win some, lose some, ti(r)esome
Super Over for ODIs!

The one in a hundred
And the show goes on...

Look who's talking
The bat is silent, the man is not.

The Magic Pill
Don't underestimate the power of an IPL contract.

Fool's Gold
All that glitters...you know the rest!

Courses for Horses
Just changing the players won't change a thing.

Excuses 101
Learning from the BCCI

Pitch of a Party
Not even pitches are sacrosanct now.

Safety First
PCB can make cricket safe. By keeping it away from Pakistan

Test failed
Tigers haven't earned their stripes

Good Miss-fortune
Hughes missing is not necessarily a bad thing!

Mission Preemption
Not what the doctor ordered

Silver lining
Why Bhajji can feel good about getting robbed

Stay off the grass!
Let's not spoil our bowlers.

Friendly fire
Not every player plays for the team

What's in a name?
A bloody lot if you ask BCCI!

Friedman's curse
Something aren't meant to be

The Choke's on us
Testing times for Test Cricket. NOT!

Hard to please
Must be tough being Ojha

Travesty of Subjectivity
Why the Australian collapse isn't that big a deal.

A different bowl game
In India batting is like playing with a cheat code.

Just Jo'King'
Not so 'Super' after all.

Interesting Conflicts
Why Srinivasan heading BCCI is a 'nontroversy'.

Unfulfilled Legacy
The prodigal son's time hasn't come. Yet.

The Fine Print
From number 1 to no ones

Bean there done that
Zaheer, fitness & England. It's the same story with a differebt ending

You can take Cricket out of Politics...
...But you can't take Politics out of Cricket!

Taking a Crack
Find out the real reason behind Yuvi's preformances

Barbie on top
What's so special abouth Broad being made captain?

Why McGrath needs career counseling

Successful or Successfool
Strauss has been daydreaming

Pointing Fingers
He hasn't lost just The Ashes

Broken Records
Indian bowlers' contribution to batting records

And they all fall down
Right down their alley

Guests of Honour
Why Kiwis want to host Pakistan?

Mr. Inconsistency
More misses than hits

Sachin's Hobby
Favourite past time of the Master Blaster

Something Fishy
Some things just don't make sense

When in Rome...
What it feels to be a Saffer

Beginner's Luck
A Chink in Sachin's Armour

Side effects
Looking at the brighter side

MSD is on a sticky wicket...

Rare or Well done?
What to make of Kiwi capitulation in Bangladesh?

21 years and still driving

Net Practice
KP is so off form even his mind games are off target

Bull's eye
Australia have found the player to target this Ashes

What is age but a number
The ageing mind

Why me?
India seems to be particularly tough on Ponting

Legalising Betting?
Should it be in India?

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