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Kaushal banned from bowling doosra

ICC testing clears Sri Lankan's off-break but found his doosra consistently exceeded the 15-degree limit.

Sri Lankan off-spinner Tharindu Kaushal has been banned from bowling the doosra in international cricket, but ICC testing found no issue with his standard off-break delievery. Kaushal, 22, was reported during the third Test against India this month.

Tests at the ICC-accredited Sri Ramachandra University in Chennai found his doosra consistently breached 15-degree limit for elbow flexion, but it was able to deliver the ball within the limit several times.

The ICC testing process required Kaushal to bowl 18 balls of each variation – 12 from over the wicket and another six from around the wicket.


Four doosras from around the wicket were over the 15-degree limit, while five of the 12 from over the wicket were also found to be illegal. It was enough for the ICC to ban him from bowling the delivery in international cricket.

"Sri Lanka Cricket is committed to making every effort to assist Kaushal in taking corrective measures to permit him at a future date, to bowl without restriction in the international arena," the national governing body said in a statement.

"To achieve this end, the Coaching Department of SLC has confirmed that their staff will spend extra hours with Kaushal, studying his action and also the available video evidence, to achieve this end within the shortest possible time frame."

Kaushal picked up 24 wickets from six Tests since making his international debut last December.

Acting on the recommendations of its cricket committee last year, the ICC has cracked down on suspect bowling actions, with off-spinners being the main target.

Source : Cricket Australia

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