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Javed Miandad blames gambling for destroying cricket in Pakistan

Karachi: Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad feels the absence of accountability and a proper system coupled with gambling have destroyed cricket as well as other sports in the country.

"In our days there was no match fixing and neither did I ever gamble or else I wouldn't have got the respect I have today from the masses. But definitely gamblers and gambling is bad for Pakistan cricket," Miandad told 'Geo News'.

Miandad was removed as head coach just before the 1999 World Cup after he confronted some players during a tournament in Sharjah about their involvement in gambling. After that incident, the players had apparently rebelled against him.

Miandad insisted that Pakistan cricket's decline is also because of politics, wrong choice of people who head the cricket affairs and absence off a permanent system.


I don't think Shaharyar Khan is the right choice for the Chairman's position. He is a cricket enthusiast but does not understand the nitty gritty of the sport. Even Najam Sethi was not a good choice. In my opinion Lt General (retd) Tauqir Zia and Ijaz Butt were right for the Chairman's post.

-said Miandad while recollecting the list of people, who have headed the Pakistan Cricket Board in the last decade or so.

The former skipper and coach believes while Imran Khan is a good choice, his political career doesn't allow him any time for cricket.

"I don't think even Imran can head the board as he is so busy with politics."

Miandad pointed out that there was a need to have a permanent and effective cricket system in the country, which should work regardless of who was in the board.

"Unfortunately in Pakistan there is no proper system and whoever heads the board, the system runs according to his whims and fancies," said Miandad.

Source : NDTV Sports

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