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Amazing One-Handed Catch at Melbourne Cricket Match

Mebourne: A video has emerged of an amazing one-handed cricket catch by an amateur ever shot live on camera.

At a cricket charity match in Melbourne on August 10, the crowd exploded with delight when Tom managed a one-handed catch of the ball. Tom was immediately surrounded by cheering spectators as his friend Lucas caught the moment on camera.

The match was taking place in aid of the James MacReady-Bryan Foundation, which provides support for suffers of acquired brain injury.In the video, the ball flies off towards spectators and moments before it is heading into the crowd, one of the fielders pulls off the incredible catch.

The boy, known only as Tom, is then surrounded by spectators who jump around cheering at the match at Carey Grammar school in Bulleen, Melbourne.

Watch the moment it was caught on camera with this phenomenal catch. The catch is claimed to be the best real time amateur catch ever shot on camera.

Source - The West Australian

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