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Warner adamant on revenue model

David Warner has again underlined the wish of nation’s top players to go without employment in order to have a fixed revenue percentage model.

The contract of the player’s with the CA is about to expire in less than two weeks as per their current MoU.

There is very little progress between them to reach an agreement as CA and ACA are both adamant on their own proposals.

Warner who was pretty much outspoken critic has told Channel Nine that all the players, domestic as well as the Internationals have equal share in the game’s upside.

Warner said on the ACA proposal that, 



We're prepared as players to give a little bit more in that revenue share [percentage], But that's what we want. We're not going to budge from the revenue sharing model, we want equality, and a fair share for domestic and female players. That in a nutshell is what it's all about.





As per ACA proposal, they want to reduce player’s share from 26% to 22.5% in order to give more funds to grassroots level.

CA last week announced squad for the tour of Bangladesh, but Warner said that the players won’t board the plane if the no agreement had been reached.

ACA has already taken over the players' intellectual property rights.

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