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The Architect of the Aussie exit


Perhaps it isn’t Australia that is to blame here, perhaps not even Andrew Hilditch and his Dirk and Callum ignoring.

The real reason may lie in the spit soaked hands of Australia’s best known hairy armed goblin, R Ponting.

His history in t20 isn’t really any good.

One season of the IPL, and Kolkata have no recovered since.

Last t20 world thingy he turned up about 15 minutes before the first game, and Australia were all but thrown out early.

This time they have been.

If Australia still isn’t taking t20 that seriously they need to check Lalit Modi’s bank balance.

This is the show, one day cricket is out, baby, the only white balls to dance with belong to t20.

Whether they took this seriously or not is hard to say, but let us look at what they did.

The first game they were off to a start that Jesus couldn’t recover from.

On a deck flatter than Keira Knightley on a Special K diet, where Scotland had smashed the Kiwis, Australia collapsed their way to 170.

Then Gayle came out, and he took the game away from Australia.

Bullshit, after 5 overs the score might have been 0/71, but Ricky hadn’t changed the bowling.

This is the form of cricket where bowlers often don’t bowl 2 overs on the trot, and here is Ricky bowling 5 straight overs without a change, you’ve got to be kidding me.

Lee’s first over went for 10, his second 14, what sort of braindead f$%#ing idiot of a troglodyte would give him a third?


His third went for 27.

Game over.

And tournament over, Australia never recovered from this.

In the second match he and Watson were flying, he went out and opened up Australia’s brittle middle order to Mendis.

Mendis was not spinning the ball that much, but once he got his special little fingers on Australia’s middle order, Hussey, Lee and Johnson were never going to slog enough at the end for a real total.

Seeing the devastating effect spin had on Australia, Ponting then decided to keep Hauritz back until the 9th over when they bowled.

Why pick him, and then keep him out the attack until only a real spinner could make a difference?

The score was 1/75 by then, chasing 160, pretty much game over.

And then the final bit of cheese on the day old pizza, Ricky doesn’t bowl out Mitchell, his best bowler, instead he bowls out Lee, who improved on his spanking at the oval, this time he only went for 39 runs in 4 overs.

Mitchell bowled 2 overs, and 1 ball of a third.

This leads me to believe that Australia do not only not take this series seriously, but that they used it as some sort of warm up for Brett Lee.

I’m sorry Ricky, this is pants, you can’t flirt with a format, you can’t use it as an experiment, your team isn’t that good.

If you don’t take this game seriously don’t play it, Cameron White seems to have a handle on it, or give it to Michael Bingle, I’d rather him than you at half mast.

I do wish the Dutch were playing in the Ashes.

(Jarrod Kimber can also be found on www.cricketwithballs.com. Click here to know more about him)

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