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Stop picking on the ICL players



Murali gets paid 100,000 US pesos to  play cricket for  his country.

Sure he probably gets the odd island,  but it's pretty ordinary pay.

New Zealand & West Indian cricketers wouldn't be on  much more.

Fringe players from any country would be lucky to  see this kind of money in general.

So when some coked up billionaires  ask you to come  to India for a few  weeks to play in a tournament,  you  don't worry if it's a ICC accredited  tournament,  you take the money and  run.

You have wifes, girlfriends, boy  friends, kids, dogs,  and nasty drug  habits to support.

Alimony, palimony, hush money, travel expensive,  greedy family members  and rent boys all cost money.


What does Lalit Modi expect people to do, continue  the good fight while their family eats stale bread.

When you are rich, you can make the odd decision   that puts your morals above your bank account.

Most professional cricketers are not rich.

Modi is inconveniencing professionals from making some money, while he sells cigarettes for a living.

Yet Modi makes out that the ICL players, and the competition itself, is evil.

Isn't the IPL already kicking the ass of the ICL.

The IPL has all the best players, the ICL has Russel Arnold.

Leave the players alone Modi, burn the ICL down if you want to, I couldn't give a possums scrotum, but the players are just doing their job.

Like you are when you sell people a product that is addictive and linked to several fatal diseases.

The graph was sourced from here. 

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