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Revolution: Count Me In/ Out

When you're over 40 your mind goes back to many things and I still recall watching the first recorded images of Packer's World Series of Cricket on my parents' faithful black and white. Thirty years on, the ball is still white but the revolution is now well and truly on. 


WSC was wonderful but I never felt a threat to the conventional game. Packer soon got what he wanted and went away. The ODI was now in there and perfectly partnered to the Test series ...but now this brat.

I do not think the Caribbean is alone in watching this format mushroom in its backyard so quickly..and that's the amazing part.  It's spread so quickly and at such scope and scale.

No country is waiting for a season start.  Everywhere there is buzz of a 20/20 tournament being prepared or underway with games on for the home-makers and at primetime ... globally. 

Shall there be seasons?

Shall one trophy tournament give way to another, and another in territory after territory?

For better or worse, these are heady times with the possibilities spinning out endlessly.

The sheer efficiency of the 20/20 format, with players now able to ply their skills across several tournaments through the year, has made it obvious that a showdown with Test cricket is inevitable and the ICC must move quickly and aggressively to tame the tiger.

Shall we see Test players turn down series tours to play in the coinciding (hypothetical) Sri Lankan Pepsi Club Tournament? These are professionals.

My head hurts.  'Comets' are now 101 for 8 with an over to go.  Ganga flopped but there have been sixes and wickets and the packed Guaracara Park crowd are loving it.  I further realize that I'm now watching cricket at prime-time in an era that has seen the regional first-class tournament relegated to AM radio.

The game of cricket is winning and losing and tearing at itself and entertaining like never ever before.  This is indeed an unprecedented re-evolution that has me both outside as a purist and inside as a fan of the spectacle and John's song keeping circling in my head. 

Brace yourself sports fans for a bumpy but fun global ride over the next year.  

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