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Protest anybody?


With all that's happened in the last couple of weeks, hope ceases to exist in the average cricket fan. A few players have replaced the joy of a free hit with the doubt of the previous ball being fixed. A sepulchral aura surrounds a religion in the country. To top it off, the BCCI has made a mockery of itself, enthusiastically.

After announcing an independant inquiry committe to probe into the matter, BCCI claim they never said the members would not be from the BCCI. Ravi Shastri, Jaitley/ Shirke and a retired high court judge are likely to be on the panel, so it is said. Apart from the judge, as of now, the other two cannot possibly be naive enough to do anything other than what the BCCI dictates. Even the Sports Ministry refuses to meddle with the BCCI. That's how powerful a body it has become.

In the international arena, BCCI is seen as a 'money-hungry' body running a game that lays gold in India. The ICC and every other board have no option but to coddle the BCCI. Keep it happy. Every nation wants to play a series against India. It's time the others started looking at it the other way. Even India needs to play against the other nations. Agreed, the IPL is an internal matter and has nothing to do with the ICC. However, without the foreign players in the league, it becomes just another domestic tournament. Not many people would watch it.

Other boards need to see this as an opportunity to reign in the BCCI. Disallow it's players from participating in the league, unless the BCCI cleans up its act. Make the BCCI follow all WADA rules. Allow an ICC appointed anti-corruption unit complete access in the IPL. The kind they grant enthusiastic supporters. Finally, just for fun, force the DRS on the BCCI. With so much money invovled, it is unlikey the BCCI will scrap the IPL. It's time the ICC stopped bending to have its ass spanked by big daddy and be firm with the board.

Scrapping the IPL itself, is not a solution. Since money is why players spot-fix or fix, no IPL would mean less money. Perhaps in a way, the IPL has reduced 'fixing' at the international stage. However, tighten security. The BCCI needs to stop acting like arrogant pricks and spend money on vigilance. Doling out one time benefits to players is all dandy. Keeping current players away from bookies is paramount and steps in the direction need to be taken. It's about time the board started acting for cricket than for their coffers. To quote Spiderman, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

Lastly, the people making the BCCI powerful is us, the audience. We will never stop watching cricket. Even if every match is fixed and we know it, we won't stop. Cricket has been a major pass time for so long that it is hard to imagine not watching India's match. The board knows this and is waiting for the opportune time to conveniently sweep this issue under the carpet. The short attention span of people will take care of the rest. Once the Champions Trophy begins and focus shifts to India kicking ass in England or getting kicked, the BCCI will plant a story everyday. Such and such evidence has been found but it is not incriminating enough. Son-in-law dearest will be let go with a slap on the wrist and life will go on.

The crime isn't as heinous as rape or mass murder but....protest anybody?

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