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Krejza's late impact

I thought he should have got the gig before Casson, and he did.

Then he got smashed in the warm up game, and all the good things I have said about him, and there were a couple, were forgotten by me.

Suddenly the White & Watson combination looked better, than Krejza and anyone.

Watson and White, for all their average bowling, have taken 11 wickets in the series, which as the joint 4th bowler is better than Lee and Clark.

Both of them have been handy with the bat, without dominating.

But they weren’t going to cover the shortfall of the two main bowlers not getting any wickets.

Krejza was the risk Australia needed to take to win this test.

Once upon a time they would have taken it.

Not now, in this day and age they would have weighed up all the probables, and decided White was less risky.

The only risk they took in the first 3 tests was on Clark’s elbow, and that failed in the 3rd test.

Now, with the series almost gone, Krejza comes in.

And he performs, maybe not at Ashley Mallett levels, but he took more wickets than the rest of the Australians put together.

Australia was too slow to adapt.

The other added bonus of having Krezja play was that Cameron White bowled well.

Stripped of his role as number one spinner, Cam bowled quite well, as being second string spinner is his thing.

So now that we know that Krejza can bowl in India, why has it taken Australia so long to bring him in?

And who made the decision?

Was it the selectors or Ricky?

Someone needs to own up to this, if you want to be the big cheese, you have to own up to your mistakes as well as your successes.

But why do I get the feeling that no one will put their hand up for this one.

I would have picked him for the 3rd test, instead of Clark, even I can admit that was too late, and he should have come in before that.

We all make mistakes boys, but owning up to them wont kill you.
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