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Greg Chappell gets yet another high-profile Aussie coaching job

Chappell's coaching record is horrible.

He turned South Australia into a rabble.

And made one good decision with India, and about a thousand incorrect deisions.

In fact as a coach the only thing I will give him credit for is dropping Sourav Ganguly.

Which pleased me at the time, but any fan of the Ganguly should be happy with that decision, as it was finally the kick in the ass he needed and since then has been in career best form.

Other than that Chappell is rubbish.

And I don't want him interfering with any young Victorians.

The question should be how did he get the job?

Is it because he looks good in a hat with his name on it?

Is it because he was a legend cricketer?

Is it because he has no gag reflex?

There must be something to it, because it isn't based on results.

Oh now I get it.

This is a peace deal with the BCCI.

We angered them by not warning them about Greg when we first sent him over.

So now to placate them we have to have him "instructing" our youth.

As that can be the only reason surely.
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