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Don't trust Bhajji with your reviews!

Sri Lanka are turning India into their bitch in this test.

But you know who I blame.

The third umpire.

Four reviews (not referrals), and all of them against India.

The bias against India in world cricket must stop.

It makes sense though, the 2 umpires were always against India, so now there are 3 involved, one as a consultant, and all 3 are now against India.

This madness must stop.

To control the balance, I suggest all matches where Indians are playing should be umpired by the guys who sat directly behind the IPL .

They will restore the balance.

Perhaps, just for the time being, Kumble stops listening to Harbhajan Singh as well.

Bhaji is the most excitable numnut in world cricket now that Slater has retired, and you can’t really rely on him for a non emotional response.

He truly believes every ball he bowls should be out, slaps team mates and does army rolls, this is not that man you want to trust with your 3 reviews.

The other player you can’t trust is a wicket keeper who cannot actually grasp the ball 50% of the time.

So when Singh is bowling perhaps the reviews should be left in the hands of Dravid at slip, a finer man you could not find.
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