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Reasons to throw your bat at someone


There aren't too many things that make you want to throw the cricket bat at somebody. For Kieron Pollard though, an abuse and a ball hurled at him at 140 kmph are enough. Thankfully he pulled out of the throw and Mitchell Starc escaped with his life. 

You have to commend Starc on his courage but also question his intelligence. Only a man with a death wish would take on Pollard like that. 

However, the incident makes for an interesting topic. What are the things/situations that would make you want to throw your bat at somebody?

1. He/She steals your beer.
2. He/She has the last piece of cake/pizza.
3. He/She does the 'nasty' with your husband/wife.
4. He/She has a face that looks like Mitchell Starc.
5. He/She is N. Srinivasan.
6. He/She is Giles Clark.

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