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Indian players not happy with the Indian coach

Indian head coach Anil Kumble has been in speculation since past few months.

The senior members of the team have expressed lack of confidence in their head coach.

The BCCI has already advertised for the position after taking the feedback from Virat Kohli about Anil Kumble that his coaching methods were forceful.

The controversy has struck at a very wrong moment of time where the Champions Trophy is about to begin.

Kumble’s one year contract with BCCI ends just after the Champions Trophy. 

One of the official stated that Kumble acts like a headmaster of a class. He also added that,




Kumble was pushing hard. The bulk of them [injuries] are non-cricketing injuries. One of the players was stressed out. So the team is not a happy lot.




The BCCI had advertised for the post on the day when the squad touched down in England to defend their Champions Trophy title and the applications for the job will close on the eve of tournament opener.

The Indian captain was quoted while briefing the media in England,





The process has been followed every single time the similar way in Indian cricket for the past so many years is what I know. I don't see anything very different from what has happened in the past. That is something the board has recognised. They want to follow the same pattern.






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