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India agree to use DRS for England series

India have finally relented and agreed to use the DRS methods in the upcoming England tour of India.

India have agreed to use DRS on a trial basis to evaluate the improvements made in the system.

BCCI President Anurag Thakur said,



We are happy to note that Hawkeye has institutionalized all the recommendations made by BCCI, and we confirm that this improved version of DRS will be used on a trial basis during the forthcoming series against England.



He further added, “Based on the performance of the system and the feedback that we will receive, further continuation in forthcoming series will be decided.”

India used to use DRS in their matches but stopped after having a problem with the predicted path of the ball after it hits the pad in the case of lbw decisions.

However, now it will be addressed using ultra-motion cameras. The manual intervention in determining the point of impact will be minimized by the introduction of Ultra Edge, which has been approved by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

India have always been against the DRS. The only times India have used it since the 2008 series against Sri Lanka was in ICC events and in one Test series against England in 2011. In that series, the DRS was not used for lbw decisions.

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