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Dwayne Bravo fined 50% of his match fees

There was a moment of curiosity during Saturday's IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Lions, when Dwayne Bravo was seen aggressively approaching Kieron Pollard in the follow through of his delivery and Pollard was seen raising his bat in a threatening gesture.

Most fans spotted the fact that the two friends were only trying to spice up the encounter, giving the crowd something to cheer about, but not everyone was convinced that it was all in good humour and subsequently Bravo was fined 50% of his match fees for breaching the IPL code of conduct soon after.

Pollard, a fellow Trinidadian entertainer and a personal friend, would know all about the way Bravo conducts himself on the field, and by now most cricket fans have also grown wise to his antics.

Both the players reacted after the fine was imposed, with Bravo reassuring everyone that he and Pollard were great friends, contrary to what was being speculated.

Pollard, who escaped the fine, probably because he only stood his ground and did not move towards the bowler, went on a rant against how the game was becoming emotionless and robotic.

Bravo had earlier said -



Obviously one of the biggest rivalries in this game is Dwayne Bravo vs Kieron Pollard. A lot of people look forward to that. Pollard and I are the best of friends. We’re both entertainers, we like to play for the fan. That’s one of the things that makes the game special, that people come to be excited and see fun.



Pollard also features in the list of names who have been immortalised as ‘champions’ in the song Bravo released during the World T20.

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