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Work in Progress


Ricky Ponting described Mitchell Johnson as 'work in progress'.

Let me explain what a 'work in progress' is, Ricky.

It’s like when you have builders renovating your house.

It’s noisy, nothing works, hairy men are eyeing off your voluptuous daughter, and your neighbours complain about the commotion.

That is why you move in with friends or family during this time if it’s possible.

You don’t tough it out when you have the resources to make it smoother.

Australia’s resources include, but are not limited to:

Doug Bollinger, former young balding eagle, newly rugged up. Form NSWales, bowls left arm and took 45 wickets @ 15 this very season.

Ashley Noffke, former animatrix character-turned-best 4 day allrounder out of QLD. Batted like Freddy, bowled like Freddy, but so far, has not gotten injured like Freddy.

Peter Sizzle (Siddle), a Victorian, so he may be overlooked for that alone, but if you look beyond that and the shoulder made of cotton, you will see the first class average of 21 at a mere 23 years of age.

Or Shaun Tait, if for no other reason than for the fact that he keeps putting his hand up, and now he feels like he is missing this great game of ours.

What better way to celebrate a return from stress release than by bowling for hours on end on flat decks in India.

For any of these players to be picked the selectors will have to admit they made a mistake in the first place and young Mitchell was picked too early.

So Mitchell it is then, until he gets carpel tunnel syndrome, or gets stressed out by the constant media attention.
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