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The Unheralded Favourite


Virtually mirroring the multiple-stated synchonized dictum of the rise of the machines in the 'Terminator' flicks, the evolution of the international game continues with an inevitable tournament that should provide the greatest TV ratings of any cricket event ever - and the seminal jump-off point regarding the arrival of the transnational professional cricketer, and its consequences.
The inaugural Champions League shall tee off with little interest (betting or otherwise) being directed at my national team - this shall be a great mistake.
There's no delusional pride in the words above and, to be fair, this writer believes it only reasonable that any entity currently associated with West Indies cricket should only receive polite fading smiles as global attention is diverted elsewhere.
This writer has however frequently noted the lock-step, almost symbiotic relationship developed by Trinidad and Tobago's regional team over the last decade leaving many to speculate on the nation's ability to also whip the Windies for the fun of it.
Make no mistake, together, team TT possess a tight and varied bowling attack (e.g. Badree, Rampaul, Mohammed and Emritt) coupled with mature batting (e.g. the Gangas, the Bravos, Guillen, Bharath) and a death-or-dishonor ethic regarding fielding.  In short, a world-beating squad.
In these parts, victories are expected, not hoped for, and the lasting global question at the end of the tournament may well be why so many previously obscure Trinis have never been considered for West Indian colours in all this time. 

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