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The Pretenders

Bob's untimely death brought perspective to the next shock, India's elimination from the tournament. I just don't feel that bad about it. I feel that it was the right thing to happen. These overpaid superstars should finally be brought down to earth.
Unfortunately the way it will be done will be as equally unprofessional as the Indian team's cricket was. It will be a witch hunt instead of a studied look at what went wrong. I hope Sachin is dropped for a while. He really needs it. I think he will be the better for it. I cannot see any candidate in the team who would be a better leader than Rahul Dravid. Although his captaincy lacks imagination at times, there is just no one else, unless we turn back to Ganguly and that is a disaster waiting to happen. Sehwag is not worthy nor is Yuvraj. Look at Yuvraj's runout, it shows an inability to keep one's head under pressure. There are difficult questions to be asked and I don't think there are any answers right now. I think the focus of the Board should be on getting it right at the domestic level first and we definitely need to cut down on the amount of cricket that is played. It just is not healthy and seems to be purely greed driven.
And for heaven's sake can we get rid of Sharad Pawar and all these politicos from cricket.Whycan't someone like Gavaskar be president of the board. Surely he is better qualified to determine the course of Indian cricket.
Get rid of the pretenders. 

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