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The Conquerors


Sri Lanka played beautiful cricket throughout

And have nothing to be ashamed about

With willow and ball,

They conquered all,

Until they met the might,

Of those that live in the daylight, while others sleep at night


Those Aussie Kings so sure

Of their right to conquer and hold

Have set a precedent so high,

That others can only follow, and with envy, sigh

Oh, how we hate them so

But still love and respect the path they go


Now these conquerors will rule for generations to come

And will only fail, like the Romans,

When they rot from the inside out

Who will be the pretenders to the throne?

Surely not South Africa, those of choking fame

Whose claim to glory is semi-finals shame


But spare a thought for those Minnows who fight

Bangladesh beating India, oh what a sight!

And the part-timers from the Leprechaun land,

They found their pot of gold right here in the Caribbean

Let them play, let them play

They have earned the right, let them play!


What should have been a crowning glory

Withered away under darkened night

The ICC have got nothing to say

Because we all know they have been yorked away

So now it all comes to a farcical end

Maybe 2011 will bring something we cricket lovers can comprehend.

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