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Super Eight: Australia vs New Zealand

This promises to be a fantastic game, not just because it's possibly a precursor to the final, not just because it's two arch rivals playing each other, not just because of the long history behind them, but also because it's a game where two team's strength's will be directly matched against each other.

Or atleast, that's what Squadstats says

A) The Aussie Sledgehammer(s)

 You don't really need stats to tell you this, but figures help add some context and perspective to the Aussies mighty showing with the bat this series.

The Aussies average an overwhelming 295 per innings with the bat this World Cup. Which means, each time they step out to bat, they can expected to put up 295, and this on wickets that havn't exactly been batting havens.

This is all the more interesting because two of their frontline batsmen - Gilchrist and Hussey - have been scoring well below their averages ( 17.89 and 48.53 respectively). The high scores have come primarily on account of fantastic 50 to 100 conversion rates from Ponting and Hayden (25 % and 66.67% respectively). Which means almost every time either of these two crosses fifty, there is a hundred on offer. And at strike rates of 97 and 110 respectively, these are gonna be very very destructive hundreds.

The positive side of this for the Kiwis is that it is mainly two batsmen who are scoring the bulk of the runs, rather than the entire batting line up put together. Reserve your best bowlers for Ponting and Hayden, get them early, and you have serious chance at restricting the Aussies to some non-record shattering scores.

B) Aussie underbelly

Two of the Aussie frontline bowlers, Bracken and Mc'Grath, have held together a seemingly weak Aussie bowling line up and are averaging 13 and 12 better than the team average of 26 respectively. So they remain the key bowlers for the Aussies.
However Mc'Grath hasn't been his usual miserly self and has conceded at almost 5 runs per over - way too high by Mc'Grath standards. Also, overall, the bowling concedes an average of 245 runs per innings, which isn't exactly 'safe'.

Andrew Symonds has been their worst bowler on show with only 2 wickets in 20 overs at an average of 64.5. Considering that he hasn't exactly set the stands on fire with the bat either (137 runs in 5 innings), he is a weak link the Kiwis will look to exploit.

C) Kiwi bowling

Bond has a history of solid performances against the Aussies, and holds an average of 13 and an economy rate of 2.5 in this World Cup. Stunning stats by any yardstick.

Backing him up is Vettori, who has, in fact, taken more wickets than Bond ( 15 against 12) although at a lower average (22) and an expensive economy rate of 4.3 rpo.
However overall ,the Kiwi bowling is impressive, and concedes only 190 runs on an average, which is the best of any team in the tournament so far.
The Kiwi bowling stands to concede 190 against the Aussies who stand to concede 244.
The Kiwi batting stands to score 253 while the Aussies stand to score 295.
Doesn't require an expert in a fancy tie in an expensive studio to point out where the match can be won or lost.

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