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As fate would play it out, the Trinidad inning of today's numbing Twenty/20 tangle found me at a car part shop run by a devout Hindu manager on the eve of Divali which translates to: a radio being on but only celebrant Hindi songs being allowed through.
Thank the gods for that celebrated Canadian invention, the Blackberry, which turned me to the 'HoldingWilley' and then 'Cricinfo' commentary page.  In the eleventh over a curious line was entered in Cric's commentary: This game promised a lot, but it appears a little one-sided at this point. This despite the fact that scores were on par 'at this point'. Hmmm.
There's nothing like watching an audience's paradigm shift before your eyes - it's even better when your eyes were already fixed on that new perception and it's all one big catch-up for the rest. Widely ignored two weeks ago, the lads of TT are now pretty much the front-runners of this seminal championship and it was eventually fun to hear the stunned commentary team fumble through those last two overs and the aftermath as I drove back to the office.
It's presently restrained pandemonium here and only the upcoming U-20 World Cup Final has prevented an instant repeat of the game ('absolut' pandemonium follows later this evening - play on word intended).
For now, horrible umpiring and condescending interviews/ commentary are being washed away in the victory buzz and it's on to Sunday with a global audience now in our corner. 
A Happy Divali indeed!

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