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The continued boorishness of team members, particularly over the last six years, is well documented but is fuelled and fostered by success and its rewards as administered by Cricket Australia and the wider still-rabid Oz cricketing fraternity - who can forget Michael Slater storming Sabina from the commentary booth in 1995 to congratulate Steve Waugh on his century knock.

My company retains a tour bus driver and he mentioned to me that he had asked to be pulled after one day with the Aussie team when they last visited Trinidad as he feared he would have hit someone due to the slew of offensive slurs  (racial and otherwise) hurled at members of the population that they had encountered or viewed from the bus windows.

The conduct identified above is no different from the team's conduct during their shorter spell on top of the charts in the early 1970s under the Chappells (a point Clive Lloyd and Viv Richards have always alluded to re: the brutal 1975/76 tour).

Obviously there's a pattern here and the cricketing world knows it.  During their reign, the Windies hit you hard on the field but always laughed (and romanced) off-site.  Murali, Imran, Wazim, Botham and Sachin have all been well received here and globally I'm sure with sufficient evidence existing of their personal manner rounding out public perception to the public.

That all said, yeah they're bullies, but to beat a bully you simply have to stand up - every time*.  Let's hope England's players and Umpires everywhere remember that.

* - My proudest Windies moment over the past (cruel) six years was Sarwan firing back at Mc Grath ostensibly about his domestic life and Lara firing back at them all during his 153.  Note Windies won both games.

Least I be misunderstood, I'm not giving England too much of an ease least we forget the reason the Windies continues to flounder is largely due to the systematic rule changes to the game involving bouncer use, over-rates and county selection policy all spearheaded by the ECCB...and Christopher Martin-Jenkins. Also, there's the infamous Dennis Compton (and others) incident from the 1950s (?) where they proceeded to have a group piss off the veranda of the Governor's residence.  The matter was covered up but still found its way into a few calypsos.

To Jaideep though,  England's performance last year was not a freak act, they simply gained the momentum and believed in themselves long enough to pull it off.  Due to the stretch of time involved, victory in a Test match, and a Test series in  particular, cannot be ascribed as such.

The object for England though is to believe in yourself all the time.

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