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Money is neither bad nor the only reason behind decision making


Narine chose KKR over Trinidad & Tobago. Kieron Pollard opted to play for Mumbai Indians over Trinidad & Tobago. Dwayne Bravo chose Chennai Super Kings over Trinidad and Tobago (Dear oh dear, T&T is home for powerhouse performers) Michael Hussey decided to play for Chennai Super Kings and not for Perth Scorchers. The highlighting point was, in all the cases players thought it was better to represent their Indian Premier League team over their regional / county / club team. The immediate reaction to it was the players have chosen money over loyalty. But is it the only way the same story can be looked at? I feel not.

Let’s get honest; we do get tempted to opt for a new job because the salary package is on a higher side than our existing one. Yes, we still remain relatively content at our existing job. However, some extra money along with good work is not that bad an idea. While doing so, we find few who question our decision remarking we changed job for some extra bucks. We do get irritated or feel bad, when someone says, “he/she has changed a job; such a money seeker he/she is.” And when such remarks are passed, we do everything in our power to defend our stand.

If we as laymen find no wrong in opting for a job with better pay package, then there is no need for us to suddenly turn moral police and criticise players for choosing to play for IPL team and not for their regional / county / club team. After all, like everyone, they are dreaming to do what they love the most. And if they can get a better pay-package for that, it is not a serious offence. Just like us, they want to live a comfortable life and there is nothing wrong in living a comfortable life.

If we work for organisations where the opportunities present themselves more often, the chances are even more to showcase our proficiencies and get noticed. Across all walks of life, it is the individual’s ability to perform better during highly competitive situations that gets highlighted. It is when they say, one’s character gets assessed. No matter which profession you are in, it is better to getexposure where there are relatively more opportunities to ply one’s trade. And that is the general consensus across all professions, may it be corporate sector or may it be public sector enterprises or the sports sector.

Considering the Champions League T20 structure where there are 3 or 4 IPL teams that get a chance to participate in the tournament, players opting for IPL teams cannot be out-rightly called as money seeking syndrome. By playing for IPL teams, a player not necessarily thinks of one season but his good displays mean more chances to represent IPL teams and play when more number of people are watching him perform. He either gets a chance to go ahead with the same team or if other teams win him in the auction, he can change sides and represent the other IPL team. It means, he has chance to play more often which might not happen with let’s say Trinidad & Tobago or Yorkshire.

Even though I support the old-school virtues of being loyal, hard-working and sincere, I am not buying the idea of people only thinking of monetary gains and doing anything under the sun. At the same time, I am not too supportive of those who curse or criticise someone for choosing a different option than the existing one because it is going to help him/her get some extra bucks. After all, we all strive for money earned by the right means and greater exposure. Hence, if we cannot support those who have it, we can do least by not cursing them.

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