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Looking for the Aussie ouster


(The T20 Diary chronicles / philosophizes about the World T20, and tries to grasp the various interesting angles the event's events can be seen in)

The Aussie Ouster
7th June 09

It is in the general interest of the tournament that the Australians go through to the next round. Upsets are nice and fun but for a wholesome meal, you need the champion, quality sides to stay in the party for a bit. But the Indians and South Africans would be wishing otherwise.

Gayle and his West Indian are, in fact, like a thunderstorm (all right, 'Gayle Storm'), but the cliche is more appropriate when you consider frequency rather than impact. You don't get thunderstorms everyday. They come once in a while, and if you are unlucky to get caught in one, tough luck.

So, by a somewhat lucky combination of events - the timing of the storm, being stuck in the Group of Death and in a stage in the tournament that elevates the impact of a bad day, Australia are as close to elimination as they will ever be. Won't be easy to get them so close to the brink at all.

That anything can happen in T20 is all fine but there is something to be said for consistency and sustained quality (other than 'save it for the Tests'). In that regard, South Africa and Australia are the two biggest rivals India face in their attempt to defend their crown, and if a freak accident can get one of them out early, that's a great bonus then.

I don't think South Africans think so much before wishing the Australians out.

The One Night Stand

5th June, 09

It has been a brilliantly bizzarre start, much like a drunken party when you know what is happening isn't right, but hell, it is fun and nothing can drag us away from it. For all of Netherland's romantic spirit and fight, the victory came more on account of England's listless and shabby fielding than anything else.

It is difficult to understand what happened there. The explanation that the Dutch pulled a Houdini, went abracadabra, and made the stumps disappear thus making it utterly impossible for the English to hit them, no matter how close they were, seems irrational, but not when compared to the actual events on field.

It is a heady night for the game, but there are several riders in it. If this is the spirit that is going to occupy the English minds when they take on the Aussies, it is going to be a terrible two months for the game, and Test cricket in general. Moreover, the Dutch have to make this victory count, continue doing well in the tournament, and use it to leverage the game in their country. There have been too many instances of minnows securing big wins only to go ahead and not make anything of it, and....oh, dump the lectures. Let's just enjoy this while it lasts.

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