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And we all fall down...


If Melbourne was a disappointment, then Sydney was a disaster. Two consecutive heavy defeats. Six consecutive defeats away from home. Questions will be asked. But who is willing to answer them?
How can a team that just a year back was hailed as the best batting line up in the world and had some of the brightest batting talent waiting in reserves become this? How did the team that was Number 1 team in Test cricket tumble down like this?
Where do we even begin questioning? Is it because of the new coach? India seemed to be doing great under Kirsten but suddenly under Fletcher the team isn’t what it used to be. Is that a fault of Fletcher’s or did Kirsten see this coming and chose to exit at the highest point possible?
What do we say about the batting that even struggled against the not so mighty WIndies at home? Sachin is still playing better than everyone else at 38 and that is a big worry. RD and VVS suddenly seem vulnerable to swing and the rest don’t put a price on their wicket. When your second best batsman is an offspinner you really have a problem. 
Bowling was the biggest reason of hope for this tour. Especially with Zaheer back to full fitness and the emergence of Umesh Yadav somewhat softening the blow of Praveen Kumar’s injury. However barring a spell or two the bowlers have been found wanting in both consistency and intensity. The fast bowlers have failed to hit the right length in the corridor of uncertainty and Ashwin has struggled ot make a mark on these pitches that don’t offer much assistance. Their continuous failure to bowl to their field has made MSD look quite incompetent. What exactly is bowling coach Eric Simmons doing? Should he have sorted out these things by now?
MSD is copping a lot of flak for the strategic failure like going defensive too early and spreading out the field. His batting troubles of late have got the knives out too. Even his answers at the press conference defending his players have been criticized. Truth remains that MSD may not have the best cricketing acumen but he is a smart captain and a great leader. However it seems that when it comes to the logner version of the game there is a need for a captain who reads the game better. But who is there to step in?
Questions, questions , questions! Will BCCI have the answers? Or will Duncan Fletcher stand up and answer them? Or is it time the team became the answer?

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