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And it's over....



Not just a test, or a series, but a dynasty.

And how.

Complete ass poundings in India, followed up by come from the front losses at home.

The Australian cricket team will fight another day.

But it will be a new team.

Soon there will be no one left from the glory days.

The ones who were left have been hanging on to something that did not exist.

Sri Lanka turned up first, and were despatched easily, but Kumar cut holes in her.

India were handled, not always well, but the result was never really in doubt, Kumar’s holes had turned into India’s cracks.

No Spinner.

An attack that could look benign for long periods of time.

A captain who realised he had no tricks.

And a batting line up that was working on resumes rather than results.

The West Indies wins looked good on paper, in real life they were working class wins born out of professionalism and little spark.

Once the team got to India, it imploded, on every level.

Injuries, terrible selections, family problems, incorrect administracration, and the luck of a man who has molested a leprechaun.

Then back home things looked better, a minnow was slaughtered, confidence was restored.

South Africa arrived quietly confident.

Australia got to the front only to make a near record chase look like a stroll to McDonalds for Graeme Smith.

They bounced back again at the G, they owned the test match for two days, and then spent the next 2 days showing that they were a heavy weight boxer who leads with his right, he can make a few good hits, but he doesn’t have it in him to bring the other guy down.

The dynasty was being held together by one man who wouldn’t let go, and a bunch of youngsters eager to join a club that didn’t exist.

It’s over now.

Time to rebuild.

Let the new champions have their time in the sun.

And plan for a new day.

This is the most exciting time for Australia in years, a chance for Hilfenhaus, Bollinger, Smith, Henriques, Hughes, McDonald, Geeves, Hill, Paine and Pattinson.

For the old guard things will change.

The champions will get their TV gigs, and book deals.

The middle players will get juicy IPL contracts and invited to the odd cool party.

The fringe players will pick up county & ICL contracts.


And cricket will go on.

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