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Amir the special one


Mohammad_Amir_Pakistan_cricketWhen Mohammad Amir was born, I am not sure if his father said ‘Mera beta cricketer banega’, meaning ‘My son will become a cricketer’, but when Amir made his first class debut at the age of 15, it was quite clear that Pakistan has something special to show to the cricketing world.

Mohammad Amir has been the most talked about name in Pakistan cricket in recent times, sadly for an act not expected of a cricketer, not someone as talented as him. But if not for his talent, there was no way this discussion could have erupted after he was handed a ban.

The first task ahead for Amir was to win back the confidence of the teammates and the fans. The recently concluded match was just an indication of what he can do with the ball. With a low total to defend, he removed Rohit Sharma, arguably the best ODI batsman at the moment, and Ajinkya Rahane with two gems.

There was never any doubt over his talent. Never. When he dismissed Sachin Tendulkar in the 2009 Champions trophy, there was never an iota of doubt that he was going to trouble all World Class batsman lined up next. This match broke the jinx and Pakistan defeated team India for the first time in an ICC event.

Amir now has a second life, all thanks to PCB for handling this matter in a different manner, even after knowing that this decision would not go well with many senior and leading cricketers.

All those cricket fans & former cricketers who were once questioning his comeback have all taken a U-Turn and are now pouring heaps of praises on him. But can’t just blame them, this is general human tendency.

What we tend to forget is that there were three cricketers suspended for the same offence. Amir has an advantage over all of them: his age. Even after facing 5 years of being banned and imprisoned, he is just 23 and easily has a decade of cricket left in him. Many feel that Amir was not mature enough to understand what he was doing back then and was forced into this by Salman Butt.

From what I know, he set the fielders the way he wanted so he could field in the boundary areas where the density of the girls was high. No, but he was immature. I agree that he wasn’t sure what to do with the money he was to get from the bookie and must have decided to donate it to a charity.


Do we treat rapists differently on the basis of their age? Or on the basis of the contribution they may give to the society after being released? Or if someone might well become a celebrity tomorrow? These 3 raped cricket & feelings of the fans . They have now completed their term and are now free. But why has all attention been on Amir? Because you need him.

Don’t forget that the other two involved in this, Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif, were once considered to be future of Pakistani cricket. Is it justified to treat one of the three differently because of his age? Salman Butt performed pretty well in the domestic tournament and if not for his match fixing incident, he would have made it to the national team. Like Amir, he could have been given a go as well. Given the Pakistan Cricket team has a second class batting line-up, I can definitely see him fit in the top order, surely if Khurram Manzoor can. Why this dual standard?

Maybe I feel for Salman Butt because he was one Pakistani batsman I always admired. His knock against team India in the Platinum Jubilee match is still one of the best a Pakistani batsman ever played against India. Pakistan’s team went to New Zealand and he could have got a chance like Amir. Not because everybody was waiting for the ban to get over only to watch Amir bowl and not Butt bat.

Leave that. Never mind that Butt was the captain at the time. I still feel for him.

Virat Kohli, India Cricket team’s Test captain and one of the best batsmen in business at the moment, said, "I would like to compliment Mohammad Amir for his spell. I actually congratulated him while I was batting. I was so happy to play that kind of a spell. He's a world-class bowler. Hats off to the way he bowled and God bless him with more success."

This is what Kohli said about Amir’s spell. Add to that the fact that he praised him in the pre-match conference as well. Dear Kohli, can we then expect Sreesanth to get a go in domestic cricket? And then at the International cricket if he performs well in domestic matches? Or what you said about Amir was just to sound cool?

All I want to say that cricketers involved in a match fixing or any other offence should be treated in a same manner, circumstances be damned.


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