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Gautam K Sheth

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A wannabe cricketer who turned to writing about it after his stumps were sent for a walk on a concrete pitch during junior college selections. Claim to fame is a national daily's representative during India's 2011 World Cup finals at Wankhede. At present is crunching numbers in sports and rants on Twitter more often than not @gautamksheth.

22-Jul-2015 ‘Old’ Aussies catch ‘young’ home team napping

England's flaws have been found out while Aussie strengths shine again.

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08-Jul-2015 Mitchells' Missiles

Australia's fearsome pacemen are multiplying England's apprehension after their past experiences.

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18-Apr-2015 Yuvi's last stand

Yuvraj Singh has seen better days, and this is his best chance to come back.

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26-Mar-2015 When a big rolling rock meets a powerful force

A preview to the 2nd semi-final between India and Australia.

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24-Mar-2015 One step before the big leap

New Zealand v South Africa: The uncanny similarities between the two sides make them both 50-50 contenders.

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18-Mar-2015 The 2015 World Cup’s G-8

Here is a SWOT analysis of the eight quarter-finalists.

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10-Mar-2015 London Bridge has fallen down...

The decline of England.

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07-Mar-2015 Rainbow nation have some colours missing

They seem to be missing that killer instinct.

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23-Feb-2015 Give associates a fair chance or stop calling cricket a global game

Their matches haven’t been one-sided thrashings, neither boring nor meaningless.

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17-Feb-2015 They don’t want to give it back

They are hurt, but they look ready.

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