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Avid Essex CCC supporter, writer on all things cricket, occasional opening batsman. Twitter handle @wobblybob25

05-Aug-2016 The rise of Chris Woakes

Even though his great form is recent, Woakes has always had the makings of a top-class player.

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15-Jun-2016 There is only one Lord's

It is tradition that makes Home of Cricket so special.

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03-May-2016 England and IPL

English players haven't played that much in the IPL but more of them will be seen in the competition over the next few years.

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05-Apr-2016 We need more Associate vs Full Member games

The ICC needs to help the game grow, and Associates need games against bigger teams to improve.

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07-Mar-2016 Tests vs T20s

The long and short of cricket showcase the skills of players, some different, some similar.

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18-Feb-2016 Wanted: A Succesful West Indies

The Windies' Under 19 triumph is just a spark. More is needed to reignite the Caribbean passion for cricket.

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03-Feb-2016 T20 Overkill

Too many tournaments, falling standards and fatigue (player & spectator) is threatening the future of T20 leagues.

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12-Jan-2016 Standard Collapsing Procedure

England are constantly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory due to their batting collapses.

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24-Dec-2015 Painfully slow cricket

Slow over rates require stronger penalties that hit players where it hurts.

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07-Dec-2015 Would you bet on England?

England can put the trauma of the 2015 World Cup behind them at the World T20.

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