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If Cryuff played cricket, he would have been me, or I him.

04-Jul-2016 The Tavare Men

A tribute to Chris Tavaré and his ilk, who do the thankless, necessary jobs in the shadow of flamboyance.

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08-Jun-2016 Beats from Riverside

Durham provided hope to Sri Lanka and joy to England.

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07-Mar-2016 To Bmac, or not to Bmac

When I find myself in times of trouble, Brendon McCullum comes to me.

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04-Feb-2016 20/20 vision: A Future Shock

Twenty20 cricket is awful, crass and revitalizing cricket, and the five-day match is on its last legs.

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16-Dec-2015 Two Australia-WIndies tests

Everyone (including me) keeps harking back to the Caribbean's glory days as a defence mechanism.

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02-Dec-2015 Fear and Loathing in Channel 9

Ranting and raving inspired by foulness dressed up in a commentary box.

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02-Dec-2015 Go home, you have been spun

The rulers of spin-dom triumphed in Nagpur. Or did they?

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26-Nov-2015 Of pink balls and post-modern cricket

A couple of things that might've made the transition to day/night Tests easier.

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20-Nov-2015 Blame it on the moustache

Mitchell Johnson was a throwback to a fearsome era, from his bouncers to his moustache.

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21-Sep-2015 No more batsmen will be tortured in Perth

Farewell to the WACA, the delight of pace bowlers and the demon of those facing them.

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