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Freddie Wilde is a freelance T20 journalist @fwildecricket.

14-Dec-2015 BCCI playing the long game

The new teams gives the IPL a chance for a fresh start in 2018.

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23-Oct-2015 Why the Pakistan Super League is so important

The PSL could be a lifeline for Pakistani cricket and pave the way to independence from fickle politics.

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12-Oct-2015 Actions speak louder than words

The new BCCI President Shashank Manohar needs to enact change to prove his promises and intentions aren't just empty words.

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30-Aug-2015 Board games

The recent disruption caused by the reappearance of N Srinivasan will cost the BCCI a lot more than just money.

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17-Aug-2015 The Indian People's League?

The BCCI is listening to everyone except those who matter the most: the fans.

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30-Jul-2015 Shadows on the wall

A new attempt at addressing conflicts of interest by the BCCI should on no account be considered sincere.

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19-Jul-2015 The IPL’s sternest test

Possible IPL Scenarios after Justice Lodha's verdict.

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16-Jul-2015 Lodha gives cricket cause for hope

Hope for a new, better IPL rises from the ashes of corruption.

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28-May-2015 Chennai Super Kings: Season Review

CSK made it to the final in spite of themselves. They need change to bring back consistency.

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27-May-2015 Royal Challengers Bangalore: Season Review

RCB have finally settled on a winning formula. Almost.

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