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Nothing much to say about me besides that I'm a superstar!!! Likes and does caricatures for living!!! Loves heavy metal, girls and Mad comics!!!!!!

09-Jun-2019 India vs Pakistan: A Mis-Match

The right captains for the right teams.

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09-Jun-2019 Insigni(ficant)a

Dhoni lets his gloves do the talking.

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04-Jun-2019 No Longer Captain, Still Cool

The many moods of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

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27-May-2019 The Dhoni Saga

The never-ending debate.

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15-May-2019 Afridi's Autobiography

No teething problems writing this book!

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30-Apr-2019 Clueless Super Kings

The Pride of Lions is embarrassed without their leader.

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09-Apr-2019 Tough times for Kohli's RCB

No triumph, only disaster.

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18-Mar-2019 Ravi Shastri: The Alchemist

Experiments with Team India.

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01-Mar-2019 Australia's crown jewel: Glenn Maxwell

Maxwell magic means more maximums.

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22-Feb-2019 One Man Army

Kusal Perera disrupts South Africa's plans.

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