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Nothing much to say about me besides that I'm a superstar!!! Likes and does caricatures for living!!! Loves heavy metal, girls and Mad comics!!!!!!

11-Sep-2017 Lankans sunk low

Sri Lanka Cricket are taking a stab in the dark at the villain causing Sri Lanka's problems.

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08-Feb-2017 Board games

When the going gets tough (for the BCCI), the ICC gets going!

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15-Jan-2017 Rising up

MS Dhoni's stepping down from captaincy has made him larger than life.

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16-Dec-2016 Crybaby

Jimmy, complaining isn't going to help England's cricket.

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09-Dec-2016 No more fat bats

Make cricket healthy again.

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23-Nov-2016 WTFaf

A Fine Mint!

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17-Nov-2016 Proteas Up 'N Under

The new masters below the Equator.

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25-Oct-2016 Losing colours

Where do they go from here?

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16-Oct-2016 Hurricane Ashwin

Here comes your day of reckoning.

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29-Aug-2016 Pakistan Shining

Pakistan Shining India Whining!

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