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Two things in my life always fascinated me: cricket and writing. When I learnt that I could combine the two, magic happened. A journalism graduate, I have been smitten with cricket since the age of 8. I dreamt of being a cricketer once, but ended up being a cricket writer instead. Over the past six years or so, I have been writing on myriad facets of the game for a national sports magazine, and for several other sports-specific websites. When I am not drooling over cricket, my time is usually spent on devouring books or on writing for my blog. You can find my blog here: http://burnighbright.blogspot.in/ You can also connect with me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bhawesh.bhimani

08-Jan-2018 Looking back at Bodyline

85 years on, the effects of cricket's most notorious series are still felt around the world.

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05-Jan-2018 5 great Ashes controversies

In a tournament with as much history as the Ashes, there has been no shortage of controversy.

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05-Jan-2018 An All Time Ashes XI

Cricket's longest running rivalry between England and Australia has produced some truly great players.

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04-Jan-2018 Are Indian batsmen flat track bullies?

Their record at home is great, but can Kohli's side perform even when the conditions are not in their favour?

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29-Dec-2017 2017 Best Test XI

In a year of exciting Test cricket, here are the eleven best players in a world-beating team.

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29-Dec-2017 6 most underrated performances of 2017

There have been many celebrated innings across all formats, but some gems have been overlooked.

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28-Dec-2017 7 moments from Boxing Day Tests at the MCG

The Melbourne Cricket Ground has witnessed many exciting Boxing Day Tests in the history of the tradition.

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22-Dec-2017 Four day Tests

In the long run, shortening the longest format may be vital to preserving it from extinction.

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06-Dec-2017 The return of the traditional Test opener

Some modern batsmen are choosing to use traditional Test opening batting methods and flourishing.

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15-Nov-2017 The curious case of Ishant Sharma

With age against him, the Delhi pace bowler will need to produce something special to stay in the national team.

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