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I am a blogger and podcaster from Wales. I have a lot of dogs and a cricket obsession. Twitter handle: @thecricketgeek

04-Mar-2016 Martin Crowe: The apparent effortlessness of perfection

He was a great thinker, a lover of the game, and New Zealand's greatest batsman.

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15-Jan-2016 5 things we will see in 2016

The World T20 winner, the new no. 1 Test nation and other nice and accurate predictions for 2016.

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01-Jan-2016 8 Things 2015 taught us

Sadness & delight, rising tides & falls from grace, triumphs and disasters: this year had it all.

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30-Dec-2015 Mr. Inevitable

Kane Williamson looks well set to defend his title as best batsman in the world.

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15-Dec-2015 Change is the real Test

The decline of the West Indies is a symptom of Test cricket's greater administrative problems.

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07-Dec-2015 Cricket, lovely cricket, warts and all

A review of Jarrod Kimber's "Test Cricket: The Unauthorised Biography" by Peter Miller.

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30-Nov-2015 The fixer, repentant

As in any just system, punishment for fixing is necessary, but so is rehabilitation.

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18-Nov-2015 Thunder, lightning and destruction

From laughingstock to terror incarnate, Mitchell Johnson's transformation was remarkable.

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10-Nov-2015 Looking to the future, acting in the past

The All-Stars series is a nostalgia trip, not an attempt to grow cricket in the USA.

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02-Sep-2015 Another Cardiff victory, another warning against complacency

The lone T20 at Cardiff is hopefully a sign of England's future, but there's still lots of work to be done on many fronts.

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