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G Venkatesh (born 1972) is a senior lecturer in Energy and Environment, at Karlstad University in Sweden. He holds a PhD in Industrial Ecology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, a Masters in Industrial Ecology from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and Technical University of Munich (Germany) and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mumbai (India). He worked as a journalist in the niche media in Mumbai for a few years in the past, and currently freelances for some magazines and newspapers around the world. He has, on date, published one book of poems on water-related issues, an e-book on cricket and another one on sustainable development. He can be contacted at venkatesh_cg@yahoo.com.

23-Aug-2016 Cricketing surnames and proper common nouns

Fun with the more everyday surnames from the cricketing world.

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05-Aug-2016 A BCD fightback

The West Indies went from being written off to throwing egg in India's face.

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03-Aug-2016 Back to finish unfinished work

Ashwin can be sculpted into the player that Kumble had the potential to be.

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28-Jul-2016 Newer pastures for Lalchand Rajput

An interview with (and recollections of) the new head coach of Afghanistan.

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30-May-2016 Gleanings from the IPL

What has IPL taught us?

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25-May-2016 Cricket on the other screen

A brief look at the partnership between cricket and cinema, and one film that will stand the Test match of time.

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25-Apr-2016 Kohli, Northug and Ibrahimovic

The ends matter. Do not waste newsprint and sound bites on the means.

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05-Apr-2016 The Caribbean Phoenix

Boys, men and women have all given a great boost to an international team in tough times.

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17-Feb-2016 ABCDE: AB Can Do Everything

A look at that spiritual man and godlike cricketer, AB de Villiers.

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11-Feb-2016 More responsibility than power

Captaining a team is more complex than it seems. Sometimes.

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