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Cricketholic, loves Australian Cricket. Biggest Mitch Johnson fan on earth. A CS Engineer still in the making, loves to write and talk about Cricket. Twitter handle: @MayankJohnson22

28-Jun-2016 Waxing, waning West Indies

Once the greatest team on earth, the Windies declined sharply. But hope still remains.

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11-Jun-2016 If not Smith, who?

3 people who could possibly be the Aussie captain instead of fidgety Steve.

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03-Jun-2016 The 'Cook' who made England dream again

Cook joins 10K club as the youngest batsman in history, showing maturity and patience trumps all.

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04-Mar-2016 How do you solve a problem like Steve Smith?

No one knew what to do with Steve Smith. Then he made himself impossible to ignore.

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12-Feb-2016 Batsmen vs bowlers no more

The India-Sri Lanka T20 in Pune was that rare thing: a game that gave bowlers a chance.

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04-Feb-2016 Money minded cricket

The single-minded grubbing for profits at the cost of global inclusion is hurting the game.

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19-Jan-2016 On returning cricket to a city

Cricket was fading in Brisbane, but the BBL brought it back.

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