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Nothing much to say about me besides that I'm a superstar!!! Likes and does caricatures for living!!! Loves heavy metal, girls and Mad comics!!!!!!

03-Aug-2018 Roaring Kohli

Crouching Lion, Roaring Kohli.

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23-Apr-2018 Gayle goes BOOM!

Chris Gayle explodes again in the IPL.

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05-Apr-2018 Fallen Stars

Australia's fortunes go south.

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09-Feb-2018 Kohli rips apart The Proteas

South Africa wilt in the face of Virat Kohli's ODI run making.

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05-Feb-2018 A Wristful of Wickets

Yuzvendra Chahal vs The Proteas: Coming soon to a TV screen near you.

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18-Jan-2018 Headless chickens

Indian batsmen did not bat like lions or tigers in South Africa.

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06-Dec-2017 Lankans Gasping

What drove Sri Lanka to wear the masks.

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11-Sep-2017 Lankans sunk low

Taking a stab in the dark at the villain causing Sri Lanka's problems.

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08-Feb-2017 Board games

When the going gets tough (for the BCCI), the ICC gets going!

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15-Jan-2017 Rising up

MS Dhoni's stepping down from captaincy has made him larger than life.

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