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Nothing much to say about me besides that I'm a superstar!!! Likes and does caricatures for living!!! Loves heavy metal, girls and Mad comics!!!!!!

29-Aug-2016 Pakistan Shining

Pakistan Shining India Whining!

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09-Apr-2016 Thirsty for Cricket?

Cricket grounds are not water parks!

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31-Mar-2016 Royal Jason

Can the lions be kings?

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29-Mar-2016 An emotional outburst

The result of India vs Australia.

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16-Mar-2016 With love, Afridi

Love him or hate him, you just can't ignore him!

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09-Mar-2016 The Great Bengal Tiger

Seeing is believing.

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06-Mar-2016 Bangladesh v Pakistan

Afridi the face of Pakistan.

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11-Jan-2016 Bulldozed

There will be no more Bull Runs!

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09-Nov-2015 Machismo

Out of form, not out of style!

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28-Jul-2015 The KP saga continues.

England's misfortune is Australia's opportunity.

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