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Ben Karpinski is a South African sports blogger/MC/tweeter with a heart so broken by the Proteas, that movies like the Notebook are slapstick comedies to him. He wakes up very early each morning to add a sporting/manly element to the Gareth Cliff Show on CliffCentral.com, and post that tries to stay in shape to please his girlfriend, and make enough money to keep their cat in prime cuts at dinner.

11-Aug-2016 A cricketing game of "Would you rather..."

Match rained out? Bored at work? In divorce hearing? Play this game with a friend.

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04-Jul-2016 The Proteas need a hero

Cricket is no place for the soft & the Proteas need someone unconventional to shake things up.

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10-Jun-2016 Down with pink!

Who needs a pink ball when a perfectly good white ball is already present?

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18-May-2016 Why can't the Proteas play for their country like they play in the IPL?

The power of pressure and how it has wilted the South Africans.

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25-Apr-2016 Why I don't watch the IPL anymore

From overhype to awful commentators, the IPL is no longer worth it.

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08-Apr-2016 10 things we learned from the T20 World Cup 2016

Ben speaks of 10 things that T20 World Cup taught us.

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11-Mar-2016 Why South Africa will win the T20 World Cup

At least 9 reasons (and then some) behind why the Proteas are guaranteed to win the 2016 World T20.

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07-Mar-2016 A new identity for T20 cricket

It's time to acknowledge that T20 is all grown up now.

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24-Dec-2015 An in depth preview of South Africa vs England

There hasn't been a more significant first Test in a while, with both teams having something to prove.

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02-Dec-2015 99 problems but the pitch ain't one

Proteas have plenty of problems that are being ignored over the outcry about unfair pitches.

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