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A cricket-loving teacher who has written articles on the game for various media outlets. Years in the classroom, gazing out of the window, have not altered my opinion that I would rather be spending my days playing and watching cricket.

19-Feb-2020 1964-65: When England toured South Africa

The last official tour of South Africa by England before the boycott due to Apartheid saw a transition from old style to modern cricket.

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03-Sep-2019 The 1958/59 Ashes in Australia

A heavily favoured England team toured Australia and met with some unexpected results in this classic Test series.

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28-Jun-2019 The 1979 World Cup: A tournament to forget for the Australians

With the 2019 Cricket World Cup underway in England, a look back at the different priorities for teams in the tournament 40 years ago.

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26-Sep-2018 The 1968 county season - here come the overseas players

50 years ago, overseas players were first allowed in the English county season, making the cricket all the more exciting.

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05-Apr-2018 1966/67: The less remembered tour

Australia's next tour of South Africa overshadowed this one, but it deserves more from cricket's collective memory.

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