Indian Premier League 2014 | 11th Match: Bangalore v Kolkata
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1 Yenna Raskala...

If you drop catches...You lose matches..Mind it!

Rajnikanth S. 481
2 Upside down

Down is the new up!

Rajnikanth S. 173
3 Waiting to explode?

Yuvi missing the spark.

Rajnikanth S. 182
4 Wooosh!

It's a bus, it's a train, it's Dale Steyn!

Rajnikanth S. 448
5 Indispensable Pakistani

The cacophony that is undoubtedly Asian!

Rajnikanth S. 758
6 Easy target

Bengal tigers are no longer intimidating.

Rajnikanth S. 341
7 High time

Hollow like an empty bottle!

Rajnikanth S. 319
8 Carnage

New Zealand attack the men in blue!

Rajnikanth S. 603
9 Pride woes

England's game plan for the coming matches against Australia.

Rajnikanth S. 357
10 Reality check

Good times are short lived!

Rajnikanth S. 843
11 Grim reaper

Nor Fast Nor Furious...Future is serious.

Rajnikanth S. 826
12 End game!

A new chapter begins...

Rajnikanth S. 531
13 Superbad

I want that star, want it all, want it now don't care how!

Rajnikanth S. 705
14 Hot Spot

It's the coolest thing!

Rajnikanth S. 552
15 SreeShunt

The many faces of Sreesanth!

Rajnikanth S. 693
16 Victoria Bitter

Get a hangover!

Rajnikanth S. 548
17 Blackened

No Ash(es) without fire.

Rajnikanth S. 473
18 Bad influence

What could be the worst news for the Aussies?

Rajnikanth S. 744
19 Moral support!

In search of perfection.

Rajnikanth S. 712
20 Fist of fury

The Untouchables.

Rajnikanth S. 1469
21 Too much heat!

Side effects of the IPL overdose.

Rajnikanth S. 1044
22 No Miracles

What's in the name?

Rajnikanth S. 954
23 Standing tall

The new rage...

Rajnikanth S. 855
24 Well spun

Its really a sticky situation.

Rajnikanth S. 921
25 Splat!

Unappealing colours.

Rajnikanth S. 944
26 Desperate measures

No women no cry...

Rajnikanth S. 732
27 Shattered

This time they've gone too far!!!

Rajnikanth S. 781
28 Out of order

When the going gets tough!!!

Rajnikanth S. 1002
29 Ever green maestro

India's proudest possession.

Rajnikanth S. 1720
30 Shrinking Head!

Just one word for it..heading!

Rajnikanth S. 949
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