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Roy, tsk, tsk, tsk
Blog Entry - Blog Saturday, 19 January 2008 14:04
Contributed by Joel Kimber    (1849 views)
It was a great quicker ball from Kumble, but where was the straight bat back down the wicket.
The boys from CWB will know that I have been the strongest Symonds allie for years and years, but I have always been concerned that he would be found out in test cricket. He has helped saved us in the last few tests, but has had more chances recently than Bill Clinton with his marriage.

Flawed techniques are not tolerated by the Australian cricket side, I am constantly reminding the CWB boys that no matter how many runs Brad Hodge makes, it won't make a difference because his dismissal in the 2006 Sydney test against the dirty South African's sealed his fate.

Hodge, facing pyschopath Nel, fended a short ball straight to bat pad for the simplest of catches. He looked like he was about to pull the ball but sort of half "cross-courted it, Federer style" to the fielder. It is hard to explain, but if I can remember correctly when the ball hit the bat the bat was facing skyward. I said to Sime at the time that Hodge would never play test cricket again....

Will Roy follow the same path as Hodge? I certainly hope not because he can tear attacks apart. But for f()cks sake Roy, if you get another chance, PLAY THE F()CKING THING STRAIGHT!!!
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